To be the leading professional association for IT Service Managers, managed by and for its members dedicated to the advancement of the IT Service Management through education, peer networking, training and the promotion of best practices.

Founded in 2008, this association strives to bring together those professionals who seek to network with others to improve, align, educate and foster real interaction to ensure successful delivery of Service Management value. There are many companies looking for the magic bullet that will help drive efficiancy and reduce costs. IT Service Management is not a magic bullet. It is a philospohy of driving standardized processes to bring key diciplines into the IT organization and align core IT operations to efficiently support the company's core compentnecies.

Mark Storace has spent 25 years in IT Service Management. He would tell you it was not always called IT Service Management, but the principals have never changed. Mark has spent the last 7 years driving IT Service Management into one of the largest high tech manufacturing companies in the world. Mark has personally experienced many successes and failures related to reaching the desired business nirvana that is described by many about IT Service Management. Driving Business Process Engineering and Reengineering, deploying tools and technologies, working with Vendors, Suppliers, Visionaries and Leaders who share his conviction. Today, Mark's passion and motivation for driving discipline through standardized process burns stronger than ever. He believes that a core set of standards and basic building blocks should be recognized and embraced. He believes in a standard of professionalism as well as, a detailed understanding of the structures, that should be part of the tool box for all who pursue the efficiencies. Mark is an advocate for Professional Certification for those who are serious about being successful and invite others into this professional association to learn, grow, network and share the roads to success.

Mark Storace

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